Google gearing up for the painful re-launch of the Motorola

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Google recruits expertise from the Pentagon to break into a new position with smart phones for Motorola. But it will sting – the number of employees will be cut by 20 percent.

Google was cleared last spring for the purchase of the American Motorola. Now load the IT giant to relaunch the brand and take up the fight on the smartphone market.

The strategy is to leave the unprofitable segments, stop making phones simpler and rather hard to invest in smart phones in the premium segment where Apple and Samsung currently dominates.

The changes are as extensive as painful. About four thousand jobs are lost, two-thirds of those outside the U.S., and 94 office closes around the world.

Google plans, writes Marketing Week, making far fewer phones this year than the 27 Motorola models launched last year. The new models will include features such as voice control, cameras with extremely high resolution and batteries that rarely needs charging.

Development work will be led by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. The Department has entered into cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence, new materials and audio and voice control and led by Regina Dugan as March was recruited by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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