Google finally antirastero incorporates standard in crome

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Google’s browser functionality incorporated “Do Not Track” to its latest version in testing. Thus, the standard to prevent crawling of usersfrom web pages will be in Chrome, for everyone, at the end of the year.Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and have launched this initiative.

The latest version of Chrome under development includes functionality for the time Google had not been favorable to incorporate. Instead of “Do Not Track”, which has emerged as a standard among browsers , the company had tried to create their own tool to provide the right to privacy to users.

Finally, Google has opted for “Do Not Track” as they did before in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The main reason that the Mountain View company has opted for this functionality is the project that the U.S. government had launched this year.

“We have done credit to an agreement on” Do Not Track “to the industry came to the White House this year. To this end we are showing visible this option in our channel Chromium development and will be available in future versions of Chrome for the end of the year “, said via email a Google spokesman, Rob Shilkin, as reported by sources.

The objective of ‘Do Not Track’ is protecting the privacy of users. Being introduced in browsers Choose whether a website may collect information about our activity on the Internet or not. Furthermore, it may prevent the navigation is recorded.

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