Google favors a revision of the Patent Law

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After RIM, it’s Google’s turn to invite the authorities to consider a revision of patent law.The Company believes that the U.S. patent war being conducted by high-tech companies is not good for innovation or favorable to users.

Oracle against Google, Samsung against Apple, Microsoft against Motorola … recent years, large high-tech companies have engaged in a wide patent war , multiplying the proceedings before the courts. If complaints are deposited primarily in Europe and North America, Asia and Oceania are also affected by this phenomenon, which has taken on an unprecedented scale.

This course does not satisfy anyone, except perhaps the Patent Trolls . Excessive use of patents is often perceived as a barrier to innovation, as these intellectual property rights not conferred a right of exploitation, but a right of prohibition. Their sole task of preventing competition to exploit an innovation or an invention, unless an agreement with the developer.

Oracle sued for infringing patents related to Java designing Android, Google has criticized hard enough to the current system. Asked at a conference organized by the Technology Policy Institute, director of public policy within the firm in Mountain View, Pablo Chavez, was sensitive to an overhaul of the mechanism.

” One thing we are studying very seriously is the issue of software patents, if in fact the system as it currently exists is the right system to really foster innovation and promote policies favorable to the consumer ” he said, quoted by sources . ” We believe this patent wars are not useful for users […] to the market [and] innovation . “

Google is not the only company to call for a revision of the patent law. The manufacturer of BlackBerry, Research In Motion, is also in favor of reform . After winning a trial, he specifically requested that the government intervene in the laws and procedures of patentability to limit the number of lawsuits.

According to Google, the question of the patentability of software can be treated separately. Without going to call for the abandonment of the current mechanism, in any case without the loud and clear, Pablo Chavez says his group is working on ” long-term solutions . ” In this area, Google has always tried to never go to the aggressor.

On several occasions, the representatives of the Mountain View company explained that the accumulation of patents covered only deter any attempt and, if necessary, defend the company by responding to a complaint also increased the size of the portfolio of patents can also retain sufficient flexibility to develop new products and services without being disturbed.

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