Google extends Gmail search results to data from Drive

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Google tested in a new field test a more cross-product search. In this context also appear results from Google Drive and Google Calendar, if a participating user of Gmail search out.

The initial findings are now here as you type a search term. At the same time, the possibilities for personalized search on have been extended. Here too, Google users can now view results from your text documents or spreadsheets.

Google Gmail search

Comprehensive search results in Gmail 

In August, Google had introduced a test basis, the option to view in standard search and mail.The new feature now represents a further step towards an all-inclusive search

“If you want something, you should be able to find it quickly and easily, without considering whether it is in your emails or outside the public web,” Bram Molenaar wrote on the Google blog .

The test can users with Gmail address to connect . Users of Google Apps for Business, he is not yet open. On publicly accessible computers participants should not forget, at the end of their session to logout from Google – so do not get strangers look at their mail.

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