Google expands its ultrafast fiber service

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 In January this newspaper ahead that Google was looking to expand ultrafast fiber service, Google Fiber . So far, this experiment in the Mountain View only focused on Kansas City (Kansas) and Kansas City (Missouri) and offered for $ 70 a month, a very fast connection of 1 Gbps over fiber optics. Google Fiber now added service to Olathe (Kansas), a suburb of you were at Kansas with a population of128,000 people .



Eric Schmidt , Google’s chief executive told a conference in December that Google fiber “is not just an experiment” . “It is a real business that we are trying to decide where to expand,” he said.

According to Forbes review, just minutes after the council voted to Olathe implementation of this fiber in your city, Google made ​​its own announcement: ” We hope this is the first of several ads in cities of Greater Kansas City where Goofle take Fiber. Stay tuned, “wroteRachel Hack , Community Manager Fiber blog.

Google Fiber provides bandwidth connections 100 times faster (according to Forbes) that the average offered in the United States.They are $ 70 just for Internet access and $ 120 a month for an aggregate of cable television service.

Google began rolling out its service in Kansas City last year after years of planning. He relates this mean that in January this year, theFederal Communications Commission of United States said he wanted the less a community they had been in 2015 to 1 Gbps ethernet connections. Google Fiber is now the technical challenge of installing the fiber in Olathe. ” It will help create jobs , growth of local businesses, and make even stronger Olathe “Hack wrote.

On the website of Google Fiber, you can see the suburbs and districts where there are plans to install this fiber in Kansas City, as well as users can propose their city as a candidate for this service.

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