Google escalate patent war with Apple by Motorola lawsuit

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Google pointed to a lawsuit against Apple patent war in the mobile industry too.As many as seven patents must be negotiated: Spooks are the iPhone, iPad tablet and Mac computers.
The new Google daughter Motorola filed a suit against the iPhone provider in the U.S. Trade Commission ITC, such as a Motorola spokesman for the Bloomberg financial news agency confirmed Friday.This is about seven patents for including e-mail alerts and the video playback function.Spooks are the iPhone, iPad tablet and Mac computers.It is the first major foray by Motorola in patent war has been one of the mobile phone manufacturers to the Internet group.Google, Motorola bought for 12.5 billion dollars and completed the acquisition after months of review by regulatory authorities in May.The declared aim was the Google Android operating system against patent attacks from rivals such as Apple and Microsoft to protect.Motorola has accumulated as a mobile pioneer an arsenal of some 17 000 patents.The ITC will decide in a few days on a first action by Motorola.The provisional decision was a judge of the injured four patents held by Motorola in the field.
Well but no cooperation

The ITC (International Trade Commission) may prohibit the importation of equipment in the United States.Since most electronics are now produced in Asia, which would stop the sale equal.But the procedures are long and no company has been a crushing defeat to insert before the ITC.At the heart of the patent war is the Google Android operating system, which currently controls more than half of the smartphone market.Apple founder Steve Jobs was, according to the biography published last year that Android, the iPhone operating system iOS copied.Apple decided, however, Google does not attack directly, but individual equipment manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung.The confrontation continued even after Jobs’ death last fall.Currently a large patent litigation by Apple and Samsung in California.

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