Google Earth 7 builds from 3D views

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Google has released its Google Earth desktop application in version 7. It has been expanded to include functions and representations that are already in the mobile apps were launched for Android and iOS. These include the feature “Tour Guide” prepared with virtual tours and 3D models of cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Geneva and Rome, which are now to be considered also on the larger screen.

In addition to already available for Android and iOS 3D material were added to other cities, including Munich and Mannheim and the French Avignon. “The experience of flying over these areas and buildings to look like landscapes, even the trees rendered in 3D, is now standardized on the desktop, such as mobile devices,” writes Peter Birch, product manager for Google Earth.“This makes your virtual travels realistic than ever before.”

This impression, however, not all users share and complain, for example in the 3D representation of Munich known errors as before from Apple’s Maps application for the iPhone. Actually find themselves also in Google Earth landscapes that seem not always to obey known laws of physics.Google protects itself against such accusations, however, experienced the disarming word “beta”.

The tour guide is recommended as a local guide below placed small preview images that invite to selected attractions in the region under consideration. A click triggers an inspection flight, next to appear scarce information from Wikipedia. According to Google, now tours are available around 11,000 popular attractions.

Google Earth 7 stands for Windows as well as Mac and Linux available for download.

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