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Google has just added some interesting features to its service cloud storage. Google Drive now allows synchronize documents, spreadsheets and presentations automatically. It is also possible to create and edit drawings without being connected to the Internet (online). The company will launch finish these two functions over the next few days for everyone, although some users of the service and are fully operational. That way, users can take advantage of any time of day to work on your documents and spreadsheets without having access to the Internet course, to benefit from these developments is a must have mode enabled offline access . How?



To enable offline access just visit the website of Google Drive . Anyway, that kind of offline access is only available when using the browser Chrome . However, there is a method to enable access connection comprises both Chrome browser installation, is the following. Once inside the site Google Drive , first click on More on the left side of the screen. Then choose Google Docs offline . You must then click the blue button Enable offline documents . A few seconds after you click on the blue button Install from Chrome Web Store (users who already have Chrome save this step). Then you have to select Add to Chrome in the upper right corner of the browser. Finally, Chrome skips a page with the icon of the application that allows Google Drive back to Drive.

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Moreover, users of computers with Chrome OS will not need access mode offline in Google Drive, because they have enabled serial. It is possible to enter the configuration offline access to Google Drive through the icon with gear existing in the upper right of the window, and then choose Configure Google Docs offline in the dropdown menu. From there it is possible to disable this mode, selecting Stop using Google Docs offline . The company advises offline access enabled only on personal computers or those protected by password. Offline access from public or shared computers threatens data, because other people can view documents and spreadsheets on Google Docs sync.

What can make offline access mode of Google Docs ? You can view and edit documents .Spreadsheets can only be seen, but the display is not available offline or for presentations, or for forms, or for Google drawings. No connection to the Internet it is possible to view and edit files PDF files, Microsoft Office , and images from the folder of Google Drive . Changes made ​​while offline are synchronized files synchronized on all devices with a timestamp when the user reconnects to the Internet.

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