Google Drive offers storage and web content

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Google has decided to allow the use of Google Drive as a platform to host the content of web pagesThus, developers can use the available space on Drive for facilitating or improving its performance and web access, making the platform becomes virtually a service “hosting” in the cloud.

Google Drive Google is betting market for cloud storage to users. The company has been working hard on this service, which has recently received important news. The integration with Gmail or the ability to interact with spreadsheets are some of the latest developments in Google Drive.

This latest update is intended for developers and administrators of websites. It is possible to use a Drive as space to host web content, so as to streamline their operation and access.

The company has explained in his blog the steps to use this feature.First, create a public folder, in which you have to upload documents to the web which can be accessed. Among other steps of the content is linked with code webView Link.

Drive can also be used as a container from which applications runJavaScript . In this way, developers and managers will find that the service is an attractive option for your web pages.

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