Google Drive is updated with major improvements

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The company Google is permanently under construction. Since its launch, the platform makers have not stopped to offer improvements . They have done intensively. Probably why the services of the firm of Mountain View have become tools header for the vast majority of Internet users. The other day I talked about the improvements built into your free email, Gmail . Now we have to pay attention to the changes that the company has been included in the service Google Drive storage in the cloud. These small developments , a discrete but important, are being progressively introduced to all users, but the fact is that by now you should have them integrated into your account . But, what are the changes that we have to wait this time?



One of the most significant changes has to do directly with the ability to drag and drop folders and files from Chrome . This improvement, no doubt, the operation of the platform, now more convenient and easier for our daily life. But that’s not all. From now on, users will be able to search for a more effective way. They can search by person . Thus, although we do not remember the name of the file you are trying to find, we shall look for the name of the person you do remember who shared it with us. This is a breakthrough for those who tend to share large amounts of files . Finally, we must indicate that the searches will also consider the files that are in the trash, for if we had struck an oversight. How could it be otherwise, in addition, the search will offer direct autocompletion .

Finally, it is noted that it adds the ability to create a new folder directly, with the simple act of moving the files. This is a brilliant feature for those who demand a more simple and flexible management of the files . Thus, apart from the previously created folder, the user will have the option to automatically get new space to store and organize your files. Finally, there is another improvement strictly related to the management of documents in Google Earth , the system allows you to see satellite images of virtually every corner of the Earth. Users who wish, in addition, will have support for files Google Earth (KML and KMZ) with the ability to open them within the system or preview. You will not need, now, leaving Google Drive to handle any of these documents. As I indicated at the beginning, the new package of improvements to Google Drive should already be built into your account.

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