Google Drive files can now be shared via Google+

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Google users can now share Drive files stored in the cloud service accounts through their Google+ profiles – capacity that may be particularly relevant to the workplace. With the novelty, you can share links to any file stored on Drive including text documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, forms and videos, according to information released by Google on Wednesday . Google+ Your friends can click on a thumbnail interface within the social network and open the file in a separate browser window. Files service cloud storage can be shared in different ways. Users can copy the URL of the file and paste it in a box inside the Google+ sharing. 

Another option is to share the file on the network using a social sharing tool Drive – which now includes a choice destination for Google+, beyond the traditional choices. When shared, each file carries the access settings that its owner has chosen. Users can define which contact Google+ they want to share the file (just like Gmail contacts to authorize the reading and / or modification of the file, for example). Persons using the Drive and Google+ in workplaces, as part of the Google Apps cloud service, can also restrict your postings to fellow workers, for example. Indeed, integration can help boost the business value of social networking within Google Apps, which is expected to become someday , a system of corporate social platform complete (ESN). 

ESN A software – like Yammer, Chatter and Tibbr – provides social media tools, such as those we find on Facebook and Twitter, but adapted to the enterprise. Google Apps needs a component ESN, and Google has taken steps to adapt their social network for this purpose. The search giant made this possible first for Apps administrators, to then be able to offer the service to its users. Also provided IT controls to establish central access to settings Google+ posts and videoconferencing sessions. Google also allows users to add their social network links for videoconferencing sessions – called Hangouts, the Google+, and Calendar eventsThus, participants can access or invite people directly from the Calendar feature.

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