Google delayed the launch of Nexus to add more features Q

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Google has delayed the launch of Nexus Q, the first consumer electronics device designed by the Internet giant. A hiccup in his new role as the hardware manufacturer.

   The company announced to the media the indefinite postponement of the launch of its spherical media player through an email sent on Tuesday to customers who had booked the device. In the statement, Google argued that sought to add more features and functions. Instead, offer their customers first “draft” of the device for free.

   Google released its Nexus Q during the event Google I / O held last June.An act which also presented its ‘tablet’ Nexus 7. However, Nexus Q has received many accolades that less ‘tablet’ of Google. Some of the criticism focused on the lack of applications and device features that were scheduled to go on sale this month.

   As part of Google’s foray into the hardware manufacturing consumer electronics, Nexus Q was touted as a product manufactured in the United States and reflects the emerging trend to resume manufacturing operations within the country.

   The first device designed by Google is the result of a mix between a transmission device video streaming and audio amplifier. This facet of Google as a hardware manufacturer is part of a much wider scenario dominated by Apple and Samsung. Apart from the Nexus 7, Google also continues to promote its “Google Glass” augmented reality glasses.

   The Internet search leader has started selling the Nexus 7 this month in the U.S. and has received good reviews.

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