Google Chrome will support Windows XP till the end of 2015

It has been more than a year ago, Microsoft finally ended support for Windows XP, beyond the end of security updates for the operating system, the company also tried to thereby promote Windows 8 and 8.1, but even after all the effort by the software giant, Windows XP, even surpasses Windows 8 / 8.1 in number of users.

All users remain on Windows XP are at risk every day vulnerabilities and security holes only increase, but with the old version of Windows still retains a large share of users, Google announced that it is applying for Browser Support Chrome for Windows XP. This is a great move for Google’s browser is very popular among users of Windows XP.

Google had already reported that would support Chrome in Windows XP until ‘at least’ in April 2015, giving the time of the Microsoft Support closure, a full year of additional support for users who want to eventually transition to newer operating systems. But the company has said, “will continue to provide regular updates and security patches for Chrome on XP until the end of 2015”. Great news for loyal users of Windows XP, by hand, Microsoft should not be too happy with this news.

Mark Larson, director of engineering browser, warned that “computers with XP are at risk of being infected by malware and viruses increasingly becoming difficult for Chrome provide an environment safe navigation. ”

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