Google Chrome strengthens against security holes in Flash

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Google announced the launch of a sandbox stronger for Chrome Flash version of Windows – and soon also release a version for OS X.

The Chrome 21 , released on July 31, concluded the company’s efforts to end the NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) the Flash plugin to build PPAPI (Pepper Plugin Application Programming Interface) – a standard programming interface’s own Google.

When taking the Flash Player to PPAPI, company engineers in Mountain View were able to put the plugin from Adobe in a “sandbox” as robust as it protects the Chrome itself.

“Flash for Windows is now inside a sandbox that is as strong as the native Chrome, and is surprisingly more robust than any other available,” said the engineer of Chrome, Justin Schuh, in a post to the blog official .

A sandbox is an anti-intrusion technology used to isolate processes on the computer, avoiding – or at least difficult – that attackers have access to non-remedied vulnerabilities, to obtain privileges and force the entry of malicious code on your machine.

Previously, the sandbox Flash for Chrome was only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7, but with 21 and PPAPI Chrome, Google was able to extend protection to Windows XP.

“It’s important given the lack of OS support for security features such as ASLR (which stands for Address Space Layout Randomization, or Space Layout Randomization Address in free translation) and integrity levels in Windows XP,” said Schuh .

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