Google Chrome browser finally released for Apple’s mobile devices: iPhones, iPods and iPad Touch

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The Google Chrome browser was finally released for Apple’s mobile devices: iPhones, iPods and iPad Touch.


Like the other products we have already mentioned, this application received his announcement during the event for developers of Google, Google I / O . However, Chrome is not 100% Chrome on iOS, I say this because Apple forces developers to use the platform of Safari to navigate inside other apps. Got it? Chrome base here uses Safari, which leaves the building until it faster, since the heart of the application is ready. Just use.

First Impressions

But even in the heart with Safari, Chrome was much higher than its competitor from Apple. The first time you open the app, just like the computer , login to Google account is required for it and you can sync bookmarks, history and even open tabs on other computers. This tool is fantastic, because you just start browsing the computer and continue where you left off on your smartphone and tablet. Simple as that. Another advantage is to open Google services without being required to enter your data again.

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