Google charges against Facebook

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The vice president of product Google +, Bradley Horowitz , criticized Facebook for its involvement in a series of conferences organized by Business Insider. According to the manager, the social network Mark Zuckerberg does not provide relevant advertising.

So, Facebook cannot reach the consumer when it is important for the advertiser (eg advertising offer food when hungry). Instead, just show pointless ads in timeline of each user.

Meanwhile, the search, said Horowitz, has tried to take into account how people act and are“We try to create a product that is ergonomic way connects our information.”

As for the possibility of advertising on their social network, the manager explained that they will do if they find a way to add it without disturbing users. However, he said they have no trouble finding ways of monetization. ” We have real plans . “

However, the company has not given users new figures since the September report that 100 million people used Google + each month and 400 million were recorded. Meanwhile, Facebook has long surpassed the 1,000 million active users .

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