Google change its search engine to combat piracy

The Internet giant announced changes: be reduced by focusing on results for illegitimate content.


Internet giant Google announced that combat “piracy” by implementing changes to its search engine, which will be reduced by focusing on results for illegitimate content through new advertising formats.

Changes in the search engine already in place in the United States and from next week will expand to other countries seeking to prioritize the order of the results to legal content.

When searching related to movies or music show hits on Google sites and legal playback platforms. This is new advertising formats that services like Netflix or Amazon must pay to appear.

This functionality may appear in the search after entering movie names preceded by words such as “download”, “look” or “free,” Google said in a statement.

There is another format consisting of a panel that can appear on the right side of the screen, which directs the user to “legitimate sources of music” as Spotify, Vevo or Google Play.

In addition, the auto-complete suggestion will prevent illegal downloads based on requests from the American Protection Act Copyright (DMCA).

The changes come after numerous requests from managing large picture of the music industry and film Google to remove links to your content search engine called “pirates.”

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