Google buys Snapseed to rival Instagram

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Google seeks reinforcements in all areas that have to do with mobile devices, not only in terms of hardware, but also software. The search giant has officially announced the acquisition of Nik Software , with 17 years experience, is the company that developed applications like Snapseed .

The statement by Google , picked up by news agencies around the world, Reuters among them, is quite short because, although the company itself has been through its vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, who gave the news , at the moment there are no specified financial details of the transaction. Nor has detailed the role to be filled Nik Softwarewithin the strategy of the company but it is easy to understand that Google has interests in applications like Snapseed , a photo editor, direct rival Instagram , available for mobile devices of Apple . That said, it is now easier to understand the operation that Google has done.

Snapseed and Google+

This application is not, nor nearly as famous as Instagram (bought by Facebook in April by 1,000 million), and the data we refer: as Nik Software, Snapseed has over nine million users in one year to live – while your opponent has more than 100 million. In fact, Snapseed won the award for “best app of the year” in 2011 for his iPad multitouch interface photo editing. Another big difference is that Instagram allows free downloading Snapseed while, at least until now, is priced at $ 4.99.

Google buys Snapseed

Also, not long ago announced a version of Snapseed to Android , with the acquisition by Google would allow the search giant to jump-start their social network, their photo service Google+ and generally the entire Android operating system on any mobile device. By the way, talking about it, said vice president of engineering also took the opportunity to say that Google+ has reached 400 million users this week with 100 million active users a month.

To support future Google project, whatever it is, as the company has not mentioned the role to be filled Nik Software , the newly acquired company has said that they have always aspired to share his passion for photography with the world and that is supported by Google, are hoping to help many millions to create amazing images.

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