Google bows to European Union

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It has been over two weeks, but Google has already responded to the European Union. Joaquin Almunia, European Commissioner for Competition, had threatened a fine of billions of euros if Google did not change its policy four search and related advertising. On Monday, the EU authorities received a letter from the president of the company, Eric Schmidt, where he allegedly accepted the EU requirements, but has not revealed the contents of the letter.

“We made a proposal to address the four areas that the European Commission described as potential problems. We continue to work in cooperation with the Commission,” said Google spokesman Al Verney, who declined to give details.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Almunia, Antoine Colombani, merely confirmed that the control body of the EU had received the letter.

In May, after a 18-month investigation and allegations of numerous companies including Microsoft, Almunia identified four areas where Google could be preventing the competition thanks to its dominant position in the field of search. These include exclusive content, the advertiser barriers to post your content on other platforms, and also that content from other platforms is the Google appropriated without permission.

FairSearch coalition, whose members include travel agents online from Expedia and Google complainants and TripAdvisor among others, said he expected Google’s proposals would address the issues. The coalition criticized Google’s entry into the business of specialized search engines, such as travel and exclusivity practices with clients.

A few weeks ago, a company spokesman in Spain recognized that conditions imposed by the European Commission were not difficult to meet, although the term qu time the EU had given him, should be extended.

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