Google Babble, a new rival for Whatsapp

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Google is considering unifying many of its products to create Google Babble , a messaging service that would include all messaging platforms. According to review citing several sources , Google is going through a strong communication problem as many of their platforms designed to exchange information not interact with each other very well.



To eliminate this problem in the bud have decided to create Google Babble (still unconfirmed by official sources), a service that has been created from scratch that aims to compete against Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and even Blackberry Messenger .

The idea is to organize Babble on one platform all the services that are now dispersed, for example, share photos in a chat window or to start a Hangout (video chat). This is not a new product launch but optimize the use of what already exists .

According to point. Chat services have relied on Google platform XMPP, which is flexible, scalable and well-performing and now Google has decided to block all applications that are not in the XMPP native code.Apparently this is a sign of wanting to create a platform “own”. sources do not give a precise date of release but let it be understood that the project will be announced during the Google I / O , the developer event to be held this year between 15 and 17 May in San Francisco, USA.

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