Google asks users claiming that the Web is free and open

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Google has launched the initiative Take Action arguing that “a free and open world depends on a free and open Web.” In the Google website explains why the need to defend the Web is free and talk over  the plans of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to urge governments to take control of the Internet. ITU is a United Nations body for information technology and telecommunications, and consists only governments that are part of the United Nations. 

“Engineers, businesses and web users who are not represented in this organization,” warns Google, which also claims that ” governments should not determine the future of the Internet independently and in camera but should take into account the views of the billions of Internet users who use worldwide, as well as experts who have created and maintain the Network ” One of these experts is Vint Cerf, one the creators of the TCP / IP protocol used on the Internet, considered one of the “fathers of the Internet” and who recently requested from the official Google blog that the Internet remains free and open . “We create these communication protocols to make the Internet networks are proprietary and not have to make them interoperable. Being open allowed many contribute to its development. And is why the Internet is so valuable today. has no boundaries and is all , and has brought unprecedented freedoms billions of people around the world: the freedom to create and innovate, organize and influence, to speak and be heard. ” However ITU want to change the global treaty regulating the operation of information services and put under Internet control, to “ensure its efficiency and usefulness and widespread availability to the public.” On paper the idea is “to establish the general principles that ensure the free flow of information worldwide and promote equitable and affordable access for all. “However, according to Cerf and other Internet experts would monitor the opposite of that statement of intent. One of the article says “Currently Internet as a free and open network is in danger. De 72 countries studied by the Open Net Initiative 42 filter and censor Web content . And this is not counting repeat offenders such as North Korea and Cuba. According to Freedom House , in the past two years, governments have enacted 19 laws that threaten freedom of expression online. “Advocates of Internet freedom argue that state regulation is not only unnecessary, but also interfere with the great organic growth Internet has experienced since it began selling in the 90s. Google Take Action offers anyone using the Internet are able to express their disagreement with any regulation or government control over Internet. explains what is at stake and what users can do that the Internet remains a free tool without restrictions.

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