Google: Artificial brain to detecting faces in different images

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The Google has within the company’s headquarters in Mountain View a research lab called Google X, with various secret projects. One such project was issued by the company on Tuesday (26) and aims to simulate a human brain. For this, they created a neural server, connecting 16 000 thousand computers with processors in total and with Internet access.


Google officials decided to test the skills of the computer with a simple test: did it processes 10 million screenshots, videos from YouTube . The result of this experiment was a neural computer that could, alone, learning what cats are and identify them in the various images.

He also managed to separate the images others 20 000 different items, something that researchers must ensure that at least twice the accuracy of any neural algorithm currently underway. The neural network created by Google is so powerful that, according to David Bader, director of high performance computing Georgia Tech University, said it would be possible to replicate a human visual cortex by the end of the next decade.

Researchers rensponsáveis the experiment, led by Stanford University scientist Andrew Y Ng, plan to present details of the computer that happens during a conference this week in Europe.

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