Google announces more layoffs at Motorola Mobility

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Google wants to restructure other areas of its subsidiary Motorola Mobility. So obviously additional layoffs are connected. This emerges from documents produced by the company yesterday filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


How many people are affected by the policies, not shared with Google. It assumes, however, that severance payments will impact the third quarter now with 300 instead of $ 275 million. This represents an increase of around nine percent. In addition, the Internet company expects expenditures of $ 90 million for the closure of facilities and the exit from markets. Of that $ 40 million also appear in the balance sheet for the third quarter.

“Google expects certain costs associated with the planned restructuring of its subsidiary Motorola Mobility,” writes CFO Patrick Pichette. Motorola had refined his plans, leading to a widening of the austerity measures in countries outside the United States.

Motorola Mobility has since the beginning of a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. Was the acquisition of the mobile phone manufacturer, the search giant cost $ 12.5 billion. In August, Google announced the elimination of 4,000 jobs at at Motorola. Through the reduction of personnel according to the company Motorola will become profitable again.

A Google spokesman said yesterday to, the Exchange message contains updated information on Motorola’s austerity program. It would involve an addition to the job cuts announced in the summer.

Since the acquisition, Google, Motorola has become more focused on smartphones rather than feature phones for the mass market. In addition, the former CEO Sanjay Jha by the house manager Dennis Woodside was replaced.

When the realignment of Motorola will be completed is unclear. In exchange documents puts it, Motorola would review his plans and take additional measures to restructure. You may also be associated with significant costs.

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