Google and Facebook make pineapple and create a ‘megapremio’ medical

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The three biggest entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley have joined together to create a foundation in the image of the Nobel Prizes. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook ) and Sergey Brin (founder of  Google ) have teamed up with technology investor Yuri Milner to give birth to The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation , an institution whose aim is to reward medical research each year giving 11 awards , each with a prize of $ 3 million. We have already published the list of the first 11 winners .



Besides Zuckerberg, Brin and Milner, the president of the new foundation will be Art Levinson , chairman of Apple in person, demonstrating the commitment of the heavyweights of the tech world for medical innovation and research in the field of health. “Young people have the hope of hearing the message that not only careers in the world of sport or entertainment can have public recognition,” said Milner.

A relationship ‘very personal’ with science

The three technology moguls have a direct and personal relationship with the life sciences and medicine. Sergey Brin is married to Anne Wojcicki , co-sponsor of the awards and also founder of the company 23andMe , dedicated to the study of human genome applications health. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is married since last year with a degree in Biology  Chaming Priscilla , which aims to develop a career in the field of Pediatrics.
Third on the list, Yuri Milner, founder also Digital Sky Technologies and investor in Facebook-disbursed $ 200 million four years ago, has been involved in the project for more personal reasons. “I have two close relatives with serious illnesses, and one of them is cancer,” he told ‘The Guardian’. “This is part of my connection with this award.” 
Zuckerberg’s family was known for his philanthropy. Not surprisingly, are located in the second position of the list that measures philanthropy in the U.S. and is published every year ( The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s ), just behind the legendary investor Warren Buffett .
The 11 winners of the 33-million from the United States, Japan and the Netherlands, were officially announced yesterday. One of the awardees,Cornelia I. Bargmann , pioneer in neural circuits in the Rockefeller University , explained that when he heard the news I thought I had been the victim of a joke or some kind of scam. “The scale of this award has a huge amount, and I’m sure you will have a great impact on the life sciences,” he said.

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