Google also gets a banker

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Last week it announced Amazon, the largest e-commerce portal. And now it is Google. The most powerful Internet company also wants to bank, providing financing to its customers and, in turn, open the way to generate new revenue. The funding program starts in the UK and is expected to go soon spreading to other countries.

The logical step is for several reasons. On the one hand, provide money to companies that in the current state of economic uncertainty can acquire more publicity on your network, among other services, and products of the company. Furthermore, as Amazon has a huge mass of cash can make make money without altering its balance.

As ahead the Financial Times , the move to enter the financial services sector opens a new battlefront between large Internet companies. In fact, it is speculated that Facebook would choose such diversification as a strategy to generate returns from its one billion followers. But the consumer is excluded from these services.

The program will be launched in the U.S. in the coming weeks by issuing their own credit cards. The interest will apply to loans of 8.9%, three percentage points lower than UK. No details are given to other countries.The company directed by Larry Page is the second by market capitalization in the technology industry behind Apple.

Google grows and its tentacles. The Mountain View technology already has regulatory approval in the U.S. energy market to operate as an electric . That way you can negotiate the best price for the energy they need to power their data centers and sell the excess electricity generated with several projects already.

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