Google agrees to pay $ 22.5 million for playing dirty with Safari

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As reported by the FTC in a statement, the penalty agreed with Google is the largest in history for violating an order of the Commission.

The amount of the fine record recidivism answers from Google, which in October 2011 had reached an agreement with the FTC prohibiting him distort the degree to which consumers could exercise control over the collection of the information generated while using Internet.

In that case, the FTC charged that Google used “deceptive tactics” and violated their privacy promises when it launched its Google Buzz.

However, the FTC found evidence that, for several months between 2011 and 2012, Google “install certain programs (cookies) advertising tracking the computers of users visiting Safari web pages included in the sales network DoubleClick Google, “the statement said.

Google had previously indicated that due to the default operation of the Apple browser, those users of Macs and iPhones and iPads, were “automatically” excluded from its tracking system.

The FTC found that, despite this premise, Google found a way to “circumvent” the characteristics of blocking Safari to locate one of their “cookies” tracking in the system that acted as an entry for the domain DoubleClick.

These tracking programs are responsible for collecting the information from the Internet browser users to know which topics interest them and provide them with advertising or other unsolicited content.

Internet advertising is Google’s main business, which entered the last quarter 10,960 million (8,914,000 euros).

“The fine record in this case sends a clear message to all companies under an order of the FTC’s privacy,” said Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the federal agency.

“No matter how big or how small, all companies must obey the orders of the FTC and keep their privacy promises to consumers or end up paying much more than it would have cost them to comply (with the mandate) first “Leibowitz said.

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