Google adds traffic alerts for your search SEO service

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Google added a feature to search engine optimized (SEO) of your Webmaster Tools service that will notify editors about sudden changes in the results of searches and clicks to their sites.Thus, publishers will receive a warning whenever their pages top to experience an increase in the number of times they appear in Google’s search results and clicks on links that redirect to the site.

“For most sites, these numbers follow regular patterns, so when sudden spikes or drops occur, it makes sense to pay attention to the reason that caused this change,” wrote Javier Tordable, chief technology officer of Google Webmaster Tools, in a post blog.In particular, the editors should be interested when the numbers diminish, if the drop occurs because of broken links that are appearing in Google results, said Tordable.

These alerts also likely to be useful for editors who see the frequency and page rank of their sites in Google’s search results affected by changes in the search algorithm tool, modified and adjusted regularly.Alerts appear in the accounts of publishers in Webmaster Tools, but they can also be configured to be sent via email.This is the latest warning that Google Webmaster Tools added to the service. In June, the company introduced errors alerts for your Web crawler encounters when indexes the content of a site.

Google is still defining new parameters to trigger alerts and research is encouraging editors to comment on what they found in the new user forum Webmaster Tools .

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