Google added an option to find transparent gifs and pictures

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Google has enabled a new option in your browser Internet makes searching images, animated gifs with transparent backgrounds . This option is a surprise for fans of this type of files that were previously only on Tumblr and Google+ network.



   Animated GIFs have become one of the favorite choices of users when inserting as profile picture on social networks or simply to share with friends and acquaintances via Internet. Animated GIFs there since 1987 and have become the gold standard of small animated images on the web.

   However, in the case of the Twitter microblogging network, such images were banned as profile pictures last September. Twitter warned that the animated gifs to date would not be eliminated butyes prohibited rising new images of this type.

   But the world of animated gifs goes much further, so Google has decided to make it easier for users when looking for these types of images in your browser. The Mountain View company now enables users to search for such animated images with transparent images .

   The search options are simple and fast for both cases. To find them you must click ‘Search Tools’ , then ‘Any’ and finally to ‘Animation’. Snapshots appear moving preview the content behind the black background.

   For images with transparent backgrounds, it is a very useful filter because they are often hard to come by . To select only have to give a ‘transparent’ in the menu ‘any color’.

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