Google Accessory Development Kit, a toy for Android developers

Google has closed the developer conference Google I / O featuring Google Accessory Development Kit , a device intended for developers who like to tinker with the apparatus to extract maximum performance.

The   Development Kit Accessory Google shows at first glance as a table clock with a futuristic design which dominate the straight lines and asymmetry. However, all incorporated within an array of sensors, combined with a terminal Android , can result in a large number of small inventions.

Within this device inclue accelerometer, temperature sensor, humidity and atmospheric pressure, NFC reader and even a colorimeter that can “read” the color of an object which approach the sensor. The screen consists of several multi-color LED that can display more complex information than just numbers.Furthermore, it is easy to access the inside of the clock, since it does not use screw tops are closed by small magnets.

The magazine Engadget has had access to one of these devices and show what is capable of connecting to a terminal that includes a simple Android application to control the clock. With the application you can program alarms, change the color of the numbers or access the sensor measurements.

The purpose of this watch is vitaminized to encourage developers to work with him and propose new accessories that can interact with the terminals Android . Those attending Google I / O who came to learn more about the  Development Accessory Kit received an order to work with him, butGoogle has not said whether it will be for sale and what price might have.

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