Google: 22.5 million dollar fine for having spied on Safari

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In mid-February broke the so-called “case Safari . Users of the Safari browser (developed byApple and present on the PC , Mac , iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch ) were spied on by Google through cookies. Through a system, now removed by Google, the users were spied upon by the search engine, bypassing the security system of the browser. Using a piece of code, the search engine could hide the origin of the cookies, bypassing the privacy settings in the desktop version of Safari is mobile.

Memorizing the movements of users on the Internet, Google has clearly violated the privacy of themselves and now, to close the case, it is proposed to pay 16 thousand dollars for each day of violation, for a total of approximately $ 22.5 million. Immediately after the publication of the news from Wall Street Journal, Google has quickly turned off the code, this has not prevented the FTC’s investigation. A note of Mountain View provides:

We can not go into details, but remember that we define the highest standards of privacy and security for our users. The FTC has focused on a published page of the service center over two years before our amicable and a year before Apple changed its policy for handling cookies. Now we have changed the page and removed from the Apple browser cookies advertising, which did not collect any personal information.

The survey could then reach a conclusion soon, thanks to a fine of 22.5 million dollars, a figure that might seem huge, but that’s you resize you think that Google takes 5 hours to get a payout of this type. Now, however, the case could move to the United States’ European Union , where I know they are pursuing the same investigations for invasion of privacy. Although Google has managed to negotiate a settlement with the FTC, the EU could be fined more salt since the invasion of privacy rules are much stricter in Europe than the U.S..

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