Gnome: Traditional environment for Linux is back

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It would be hard to imagine a more vivid evidence of the aversion of many Linux users to the new version of Gnome 3 than the alternative options that have emerged in response.It is clear that Unity was another motivating factor. We have seen the launch of traditional desktops MATE and Cinnamon , for example, as well as all distros, as SolusOS and the latest novelty, the “pure Gnome” for Ubuntu – focused on providing a more classical.

In a surprising twist, however, the Gnome project  announced  to be working on a “classic mode” that will bring back key elements of the traditional Gnome 2.

A little background : Earlier this month, the project  announced would do a little “kick” in thenext  3.8. Intended for systems that do not need to meet the rendering 3D required by Gnome Shell , how to return offers a desktop 2D very similar the user interface  2.

“We talked about the users who use the mode of return, because they are familiar with certain components and characteristics of two UX, such as taskbar, minimizing, etc.,” wrote Matthias Clasen developer, in a statement .

“The Gnome 3 brought new standards to replace these as search and overview,” Clasen said.“And while we certainly hope that many users find new ways clean and comfortable after a short learning phase, we should not blame people who prefer the old. After all, these features have been the crucial point to keep Gnome 2 for 10 years! “

Instead, the project foresees a slight modification to the set of extensions available for Shell, among which many are already bringing back the classic elements of the user interface, Clasen noted.

Specifically, the project decided to compile a list of supported extensions focused on recreating the feel of the classic interface, including the classic Alt tab, taskbar buttons min / max and main menu“To ensure that these extensions continue working, let’s release them as a tarball, just like any other module, “Clasen said. What remains to be decided is how users will enable this new classic mode, but one option would be to add a button in the tool Tweak Tool , added.seems that GNOME is responding to requests from its users after all. Will this stem the tide of the two alternatives that keep appearing?

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