Gmail recognized the world’s most popular post

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Gmail, owned by Google , has become the most popular in the world postal service, overtaking Hotmail and mail Yahoo!


According to resources, Gmail monthly audience reached 287.9 million users. In second place was the Hotmail mail company Microsoft – With her were 286.2 million users. Third place went to the postal service with 281.7 million Yahoo! users.

According to Google, Gmail has overtaken the number of Hotmail users in June 2012. Then Google announced that monthly audience of service is equal to 425 million users. Third-party research firms, including comScore, however, did not agree with Google and left the leaders Hotmail.

The difference in counts may be due to the fact that Google takes into account users who work with e-mail from a mobile device, comScore – no.

Of the three leading email service Gmail is the youngest – he earned in 2004. First three years of Gmail’s half-acted – the registration was by invitation only. Hotmail has started in 1996, and mail Yahoo! – in 1997.

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