Gmail opens a new interface for writing messages

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The webmail has the advantage that you can work with it from any computer. Enough that the machine is connected to the Internet. Google just renovate one of the major functions of Gmail : how to compose and reply messages. This new interface is still in beta, but the fact is that many users around the world can use. Simply press the Edit , and then jumps a popup that says ” Try the new drafting interface “and the ability to test it.

It is a much more clear and simple , and has the great advantage of allowing review messages fromemail or search for information in writing, because the advantage is always in sight. This saves time, because the drafts are minimized; addition, it is now possible to produce two messages at once. There are several differences other than the aesthetics, the new composition window , shown at the bottom of the screen. There are several features: Audience , Format Text , Attachments, Insert Options, More Options, Save, Discard, Send As, and window size.


The window size is increased according drafting the message is written. Either way, it is possible to have a larger window clie doing in the middle icon. Here are some news. Gmail is collecting the drafts as they are written, so it has gone now Save button . Anyway, for the user to stay quiet, the word “Saved” button next to Dismiss. Besides, the drafts are automatically saved when you close the compose window. On the other hand, to send messages to Gmail from another direction (like work), you have to click on the “To”, then on the “From” address to enter the message output. To delete a draft ( Discard ), just click on the trash icon. To access the Options insertion of attachments (photos, links, files …), you only have to place the cursor on the icon Attachment to open the menu, or put the cursor on the + symbol.

The new Gmail interface also brings changes in the method of response and forwarding . You can change the recipient or recipients, by clicking the appropriate field. As for the type of response , you can choose between reply, reply all, and forward by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the recipient. You can also change the subject by clicking the same arrow next to the name of the recipient, and then selectStart a new conversation .

Those who have decided to try the new interface and prefer writing back the old system can. At least untilGoogle decides to deploy these massive changes for all users. To recover the old interface, you must click on Edit , then on the bottom panel of the message, go into the menu icon More , to select the option tochange to the old interface drafting .

The new interface is still not complete , because the Google team is working to complete certain functions such as the ability to insert emoticons , printing drafts from the More menu, send read receipts (receipts) for users of Google Apps or standard answers.

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