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The people at Google did not want to lose this opportunity and has updated its email client for your brand new iPhone 5 . A move almost mandatory for those not wanting to leave their applications in a format that does not take advantage of delayed benefits of the latest smartphone from Apple . And it’s a good way to maintain continuity for users who already used and new ones are coming. An application of the many we are seeing these days date .

In this case it’s Gmail , the application of Google email . A tool widespread and known for their usefulness and options customization . And is that Gmail allows us to receive, read, compose and send all kinds of emails, and we want to attach some media or just a few lines. It also has its famouslabel system to sort all mail depending on the type or nature. All this from a very stable, with a fluid, intuitive operation .

gmail iphone 5

Now, with the release of the new terminal of Apple and to support the latest operating system iOS 6 , people Google has decided to update the official implementation of Gmail . Thus reaches version number 1.3.1415 , where surprised to find only a novelty and adapt to the new terminal operating systemApple . Therefore, we see no novelty to improve its functioning and comfortable, even an improvement or resolution of faults.

Therefore, we find the same features and capabilities as always but adapted to the new iPhone 5 screen . We recall that it now has a size of four inches , stretching to the top to get the standard 16:9 widescreen format . This causes applications designed for other iPhone models with smaller screen, can not adapt to the new terminal, being necessary to complete the remaining space with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

gmail iphone 5

In addition, as we mentioned, there is support iOS 6 , so that all users can use it, even with a model older iPhone have decided to update to the operating system. However, surprised not to find anything new in this update, especially when iOS 6 brings a client email itself very advanced with which to sort by prioritylabels and already adapted to the screen in iPhone 5 .

In short, a minor update but necessary , and it has a large number of users . And with all that has been done to beg to get to the Apple platform , which unless please their users, have the iPhone model it is, and the version of the operating system they want. As always, the application of Gmail can be downloaded for free via App Store for both iPhone and for iPad .

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