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Google without full notice just released a major update to the official implementation of Gmail for iOS . This version 2.0 has some of the features that are expected in this application which was much criticized at launch, but certainly in this couple of months has improved incredibly.

Gmail 2.0 for iOS brings support for multiple accounts , so you can add up to 5 email accounts and Google in it have absolute Timing Precision not only with this platform but also allows interaction with other products in Mountain View such as Google Calender Google+ and of course, the sexy social network of this company that has gone everywhere to try to boost their success.

But this major update brings not only this development, but also includes a very complete redesign of the application, and we now have a renewed appearance, infinite scrolling tray post ( scroll infinity) and also has a renewed role allowing searches from one place to search all email accounts that are added to the application, and has the ability to predict the word you are writing in the Search bar.

Yesterday Google launched a major update bringing Android Gmail’s new in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean the application for those who have not been able to update their handsets. Today, iOS users have not had to wait longer for a major facelift of the Gmail app that actually improves in several respects to the native mail application , and certainly has become my personal favorite.

Finally, it is now possible not only to attach images, files and any document in an email, but we can also add any drawing hand, annotation or “doodle” in the email that we plan to send and when confirming or rejecting an invitation through the calendar. Google a few months ago bought Sparrow , the popular mail application for Mac OS X and iOS, however, as one of its leaders , the team of this app had nothing to do with Gmail 2.0 for iOS .

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