Gmail for iOS lets you open links on YouTube Apps, Maps and Chrome

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Google has released a new update to its email service for iOS devices .With this update, Gmail allows attachments to open links in emails directly on the application of YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome instead of in the browser.

Gmail for iOS

Gmail for iOS

   Gmail is one of the largest e-mail service used throughout the world. Along with the rest of applications for mobile devices Google, Gmail has become one of the most used particularly for iOS devices, as this OS only has a mailer that sometimes causes some problems. With the arrival of iOS Gmail users can check up to five Gmail accounts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch . On Tuesday, Gmail for iOS has received an update.

   Gmail service already had a slight synchronization with Google Calendar to which were added the services of the social network in Mountain View, allowing you to read, respond and interact directly from the app, with interactive messages posted on Google+.

   With this latest update, Google also allow direct connection between applications YouTube, Google Maps and Chromewith the postal service as it will open the links in an email attachments automatically from these applications rather than in the browser.

   Thus, Google aims to strengthen the use of comprehensive services to prevent users from using other browsers other than Chrome on your iPhone and iPad, providing the user a complete experience.

   Furthermore, the new update allows, if the user has opened over a Google account simultaneously, leaving only one of which are in use, instead of being forced to close all for later make them to open, as was the case so far.

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