Gmail celebrates its 10 years of success

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The Google Mail internet began operating publicly on April 1, 2004, the service could be accessed only through an invitation from another user.

Although this date coincides with the “April Fool’s” when devoted to technology companies make jokes with revolutionary creations nonsense, this new system was not a joke.

Ten years after its launch Gmail has become one of the services preferred by most of the users and has managed to unseat the systems of Yahoo! and Hotmail.

The brain behind Gmail is Paul Buchheit, Google programmer who was devoted to research, develop and optimize email for five years before its release, because initially this service was only available for the exclusive use of employees company.

Among the innovations of Google positioned the mail between the preferences of users are: 

Search: Google search algorithms used to sort the mail bins and optimize the search for messages.

Capacity: Gmail offered a capacity exceeding storage competition by offering 1GB of “memory” and this has been increasing over time to more than 15 GB currently.

Order talks: The postal system sorted by topic of conversation was another novelty presented this mail, which allows to monitor a series of emails related to a specific person conversation.

Spam: Effectiveness in your spam filter also became a benchmark since then inbox always filled with spam.

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