Gmail 4.2 recognize gestures like Pinch to Zoom. Download and install

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The arrival of a new Gmail for Android update is near. This has been one that has worked over Google and also incorporated herein and some of the technologies Sparrow, a company it bought in July and he developed one of the best customers for iOS existed. So Gmail 4.2 is much anticipated program.

The big news, as we learned through our fellow Android Help , are in point of usability. And it has come to solve one of the claims that Android users had regarding this application: it can be done Pinch to Zoom (the familiar pinch) to increase or decrease what you see on the screen. Something as basic as this … but so far it was not possible.

But not only included this possibility in which the gesture recognition is concerned. Also now you can delete or archive emails through a single drag gesture. Therefore, significantly improves ease of use with Gmail 4.2 and, therefore, is equal to what can be done in other third mail client companies already offer this possibility.

It is also expected to include performance improvements and minor bug fixes … but for now, it seems that emptying the trash from the application is between them … hopefully this will be added in future enhancements.

Download on installation

Thanks to a leak can download a trial version , not the end, of the 4.2 update to Gmail. It is important to understand that this is not what may be available on Google Play, as it does not include the corresponding identification key, so if you install this version not receive automatic updates … unless you uninstall the process as we made we listed below … but in “reverse”.

If you decide to try Gmail 4.2, the first thing to do is download the APK (installer) needed in one of these two links ( link 1and link 2 ). After doing this, and taking into ditch which is a process with risk for your mobile device and that is under the responsibility of the user, you must follow these steps in an unprotected device (rooteado):

  • Rename the downloaded file as Gmail2.apk .
  • Make a backup of your phone content
  • Remount (back) the folder / system with your application file management for root.
  • Delete any version of Gmail on your device. There may be two or three versions (and called gmail.apk or [number]. apk ). Use a tool like Titanium Backup to get this.
  • Deletes files. Odex exist in the folder where Gmail. If you see something that does not work then the mail application, this step is not performed well.
  • Restart your phone or tablet.
  • Now install the downloaded file and renamed. If this is not done by clicking on it, try using a command line and typing adb install gmail2.apk (if this fails, it is not erased all copies of Gmail).

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