Glass is the post-Google smartphone

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Will about a year, when Google got into his Youtube account a video that seemed more fiction than fact. It was Glass Project , augmented reality glasses that could be drawn from a movie of the future. In that video, titled One Day (first day), looked over a person’s day.

Much later, at the Google I / O 2012, Sergey Brin made ​​one of the most epic performances that have been seen at a conference. Specialists jumping from the sky, others doing freestyle with Mountain Bike, and all this, recorded with augmented reality glasses. But it is the only time we see workers Google with this new gadget. But we were also able to see many of these workers, as calmly strolling through the streets of the Big Apple, making that seen last year, pass from fiction to reality.

In a final interview with the resources , commented that the goal of Glass , which is able to stay connected to the world and yet not be distracted. Today, most of us have a smartphone and are connected to it.Doing that, our heads the pendency of that screen 3 or 4 inches to answer a message or visit a website. With Glass will not happen, because we can be connected at the same time to do other things while we answer a message or retrieve something online.

So Google Glass Are the post-smartphone?

That is the question that I have done during these days and really think if . Just have to play the videos posted on Google’s Youtube account. In all these videos, the idea is the same. To be connected with the world but without looking down. With these glasses, trying to prove that the era of smartphones has past and we must look to the future, and that future is, Google Glass .

A future in which we can answer a call or perform a search, as we walk down the street and see what is happening around us, something that today with smartphones is not possible.

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