Glass Google is already on sale on eBay from $ 15,900

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One of the users who have sent the request to be among the first to try Google Glass is selling on eBay Google goggles .This user has been one of the chosen ones who will attend the courses that the company conducted in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, where he delivered the Google Glass. Initially the auction started at $ 1,500 but currently the bidding reaches $ 15,900.

Google Glass_eBay

Google Glass_eBay

   Last week, Google began to seek candidates to test their glasses Glass Google augmented reality. Those interested should send a request before Wednesday 27 February, via Google+ or Twitter explaining that would use the glasses.

   To be chosen, the company proposed to instruct users through Google+ or Twitter, using the ‘hashtag’ # ifhadglass, what use would give the new glasses . Nominations should not exceed 50 words and could hold up to five photos and even a video less than 15 seconds.

   Should be elected these users have to buy the Explorer Edition Glass primitive prototype with a price of about $ 1,500 plus taxes (1,122 euros plus tax) and present in person at a course to be conducted in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles .

   One of those chosen to test the project has already started to ‘make a killing’ with Google Glass. The glasses will not see the light for users until next year but this person, you have a pair of sunglasses when you go to the courses that will give the company one of the three U.S. cities, provides all user pair gain Glasses that Google will deliver through a bid on eBay .

   Initially, the user started the bidding on eBay for $ 1,500 , a price that had to pay to be part of the Google Glass, and the bid is currently at $ 15,900. The delivery of the glasses will be the new owner when Google to deliver these.

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