Glass can earn Google electronics fit for nose

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Google reported a new technology in the USPTO (Patent and Trademark Office of the United States). It is a system to be implemented in Google Glass , allowing various adjustments to the nose. This may be just another patent filed to increase the portfolio of brands, but if Google decides to implement the new system, it is possible that we will find more a large gap in the machine.

By using a fluidic control system, an electric circuit may cause the support to the nose is left smooth or disk, according to the preferences of individual consumers – is also better attached to different types and sizes of nose. 
According to the patent filed, the control flow is for a touch panel on the device itself.

It is unlikely that the technology is already used in the first version of the device, but maybe in the future we can find the news on Google Glass. Admittedly, the news is great, since one size would be bad for several people – both for those who have larger noses and for those that have less than the standard used by Google .


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