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Yesterday it became known the possibility of getting the voice recognition APK including the Samsung Galaxy S4 , which is fully installable on most current Android models. Well today’s how to get both tones will this new terminal and also your wallpapers.



The surprising truth is that you can get and these options, but the fact is that it is a reality. In case you want to make ringtones with the Samsung Galaxy S4 has by default, you can get it at thislink . Aside from featuring the usual Over The Horizon , and characteristic of the Korean company, almost all existing motives are related to nature, so it continues with the path taken in the previous phone in this range. Information has been obtained via SamMobile in both cases we spoke.

No big news in this section and, if something is striking is that most of them are entirely new creations … and that the duration is quite long , so there are problems or continuous loops that sound alike.

You can also get the wallpaper

But this is not just the options to get content that will own the Samsung Galaxy S4 … as the wallpaper of this terminal are also available for download at this link . The file you get is 13 MB, so it is a good deal … but not huge, as each of the seven images available occupy enough.

Again, the issues concerning the nature recur, but the highlight of the elections is that the colors are quite strong and predominantly brilliant, which is certainly to stand out in full HD this new device .

The case that the choice between yesterday and today we provide, it is clear that “hide” secrets in the world of mobility is complicated. The good thing is that all users can enjoy these new options , without having to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is on the market.

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