Germany May Fine Facebook Heavy For Fake News

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Even though the United States election is over, but the fake news problem is not. Facebook may face legal challenge in Germany. A fine may be slapped if the issue is not addressed satisfactorily.

A bill in the German parliament is awaiting consideration that would fine social platform up to $500,000 euros a day if a fake news is not removed even after receiving notification of its falsehood.

The legislation would not be limited to Facebook, but the social giant seems to be the clear target as of now.

Lately Facebook was learned testing ways how to fight with fake news. It is focusing on the hoaxes spread by spammers and how to stop those.

There are several ways to do and VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri said Facebook is currently letting its users to report about such fake news by clicking upper right-hand corner of the post.

Mosseri added users can flag the stories as disputed and the company would rely on third-party fact checking organizations.

Informed sharing is another way to fight against fake news. This mean those articles which are less shared will be ranked lower.

Initially Facebook is working with ABC News,, Associated Press, Snopes and PolitiFact for fact checking. More similar reliable sites are learned to be added in future.

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