Generation X uses social networks to workge

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survey reveals that consumers aged 25 to 45, called ” GenerationX “, use internet and networking social for issues working at 60 percent of their interactions, 30 percent to access information and 10 percent for social activities.  

According to research conducted by a company of resorts, during April and May 2012, the users of internet with an age range of 35-45 years, 57 percent used the messenger or chat; 58 percent updated or visit the networking social , sends 50 percent, 46 percent search for information and 13 percent play on line . 

In a statement, states that unlike younger generations Y and Z, young adults are on the network many possibilities to facilitate their work and content of their interactions has to do with agreements labor , even, according to research, the networks socialare used as “windows professionals” rather than to initiate friendships or romances. 

The general manager of the resort, said “it’s tools of work and even in Facebook is perceived as experts show interest in specific areas of work. The comments on Twitter are more careful and politically correct in their area labor while using Linkedin grows, showing openly resumes. 

The survey states that although there is a generation “born with technology”, if it’s the best uses for it, sample it, is that 79 percent using cell phone to send text messages, 63 percent shooting, 43 percent to surf internet , and 15 percent send or receive emails. 

The ” Generation X “is the most useful to get from the experience of others, commercially, is the most assiduous in seeking references before purchasing products or services relevant, hence become popular sites that meet users’ experiences in specific sectors computing, online shopping or travel.

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