Gates and Zuckerberg invite the children to be programmers

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Some older children want to be astronauts, athletes, doctors and journalists. However, the founder of Microsoft and the creator of Facebook want children begin to want to be computer programmersThrough a campaign called ” What most schools do not teach“various personalities from the world of technology (or not) invite children to begin to plan and it is not as difficult or scary as you think .

Gate & Zuckerberg

Gate & Zuckerberg

In a video, these characters relate their experience with software development and ask parents who apply in their children’s schools more classes devoted to this subject.

“Everyone in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you to think.” With this quote from Steve Jobs video begins appearing in Jack Dorsey , creator of Twitter , the singer orGabe Newell , founder of Valve.

“Programming is one of the few things in the world can you sit down and create something new out of nothing , “said Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

Moreover, the creator NBA player, Chris Bosh says that programming can be taught in schools “but can be very intimidating.” A Facebook engineer explained that although sometimes it can be intimidating best thought of as a way to solve problems.

Bill Gates , founder of Microsoft, confesses in the video his first program was one where the girls stood closest to him in his classroom.Drew Houston of Dropbox on the other hand devised a program to determine their favorite color.

“Building codes and programs is a different way to express creativity.”

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