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Sometime last week, lost all hope of recovering the Internet via mobile phone, a device pulled drawer a few weeks I had forgotten: the Galaxy Note II. This is a test drive AT & T to punish gather dust for a few days after this application meet:


A nightmare of “usability”, even when using the smart pointer which includes the phone.

My relationship with the Note range has never been particularly good. Android In the game it’s best to always bet on Nexus devices, with their unadulterated version of the software. If we discard the Nexus range I think this year HTC has created one of the best Android handsets, the OneX, but for my taste is too large screen. Needless to say that the Note II, with a 5.5 inch screen than One widely X dimensions .

The Anglo-Saxons say “desperate times call for desperate measures” and last week my desperation was evident. Of all the phones I had on hand the Note II-some consider it more a minitablet a phone-connection is the only LTE. The iPhone 5 that I’m using right now is the European version and only has LTE Verizon network operator. The idea was to use Galaxy Note II in a covered city to work during the day, only as an access point. The phone consumes so much battery when connected to USB even only keeps the load levelbut the speed is really good and has given me connection corners where the iPhone 5 could not sign.

If the Galaxy Note II was not as big a terminal would be pretty good. Higher Samsung offenses are in the field of software, not hardware. ‘s fast, the screen looks good and in this second version of the pointer, S- Pen, has improved greatly. I find the screen, despite its size, is small for use with the S-Pen, but I think Samsung has demonstrated-and this is important-that you can have the best of both worlds, a capacitive screen responsive to touch with a crosshair cursor. 

The AMOLED display panel is used but not PenTile-one subpixel arrangement in which one color component is shared by two of points of the screen. This is excellent news and because of its size but not the density of other Android handsets, is sharp and shows good colors and contrast. The PenTile screens produce color distortion when viewed from oblique angles. It is easy to spot on a white background, which is why these phones always tend to favor menus and applications with black background. I still prefer the LCD One X but after the experience of the first Galaxy Note expected a worse screen. 

With Android 4.1 and quad-core processor, this second version has also greatly improved the response speed of the menus and applications.Everything moves quite smoothly, although still small jumps encounter when doing scroll or zoom on some websites. The biggest problems in software, I found the Samsung’s own applications created to take advantage of the S-Pen. They can be overly complex and saturate the options screen. The reason is that thanks to the pointer can be much more precise when pressing the different elements but Samsung does by sacrificing the intuitiveness that for half a decade associate with capacitive touch screen mobiles.

The best thing about the pen? For me it’s definitely Airview. When the tip of the pen on the screen, less than 10 millimeters, a small dot appears on the application. This helps to make much more accurate and easier to manage.The other major point in its favor comes from Goolge. Android 4.1 includes Google Now, that service that debuted in the Nexus 7 that allows you to find relevant local information quickly. 

What else I can say? The eight megapixel camera is correct, but not outstanding. The battery is huge, high-capacity 3100 mAh, but having to move a big screen and a powerful processor the result is similar to other smartphones. Rarely reaches the end of the day loaded. 

Overall, as I said before, I think it would be a good phone if it was not so great but, of course, with a smaller screen the S-Pen, which is the main attraction of the Note, probably would not make sense. The problem of size is exaggerated Note II enough, in any case. It’s not comfortable but it should carry it in your pocket. It is impossible to handle with one hand, that it is true.

In Spain the free price is about 650 euros. For certain types of users I’m sure is an interesting phone but I think the vast majority will find it too bulky and not the pen will draw both party as originally thought.

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