Galaxy Note 7, is found by going to the WiFi certification

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Is seen as the market was almost certain that Samsung decided to launch a 7-inch tablet supports the use of S Pen, and logic has come true again. All to end, because it has leaked a document certifying WiFi Galaxy Note 7 (GT-N5100) will be a reality and, therefore, will have to add one more tablet market to compete against Nexus 7 , Kindle Fire HD and, of course, iPad Mini.

The truth is that this arrival was something that was expected, since both Note 10.1 and Note 2 have been well received in the market quite good (especially the second), so the Korean company did not want to miss out ” attack “on the seven-inch segment now that there are many users who are set in due to its excellent portability and low costs … You have to make an effort to Samsung.

Facts do not know much, but some Android Authority indicated that they believe could have this new tablet. The first is that, according to them, the screen will be compatible with HD and therefore indicate that the resolution of the panel will be 1280 x 800 . This makes all the sense in the world, and which thus offered to continue with the new models of the Notice on the market and, therefore, the settings for the use of S Pen would be lower.

There is a fairly interesting questions concerning, again, the screen. This is to ascertain the dimensions of the screen.There are two options that are handled: 7 or 7.7 inches , which in both cases are adequate to provide the greatest mobility. Obviously we have to wait and always keep in mind that this is just speculation and there is no confirmation from Samsung.

Regarding the rest of the components very little is known, but it is not unreasonable to think that the new Galaxy Note 7 will have a quad-core SoC probably Exynos range (would be a bombshell if one with ARM Cortex-A15 architecture) and also 2 GB of RAM, as the latest devices with S Pen have it … all depends on the price that Samsung wants to put this new tablet.

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