Galaxy Nexus 2, Nexus Optimus, Xperia Nexus and possible names of future mobile Google

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Google might be planning to hold a very special fifth anniversary of its Nexus phone range . And, your idea, would be launching five Nexus … and not all made by the same company. So, everyone would have his chance and companies like Sony and LG could make your own Google Nexus.

This rumor comes just a day after leaked specifications possible Samsung model, codenamed GT-I9260 . The highlight of this terminal would be its Super AMOLED HD screen and its dual-core CPU would be at a frequency of 1.5 GHz This might seek, as has happened with Nexus 7, offer the market a low-cost phone , what which is not surprising in view of the good sales achieved so far with the tablet.

Rumor that comes from the hand of NTT Docomo

This rumor has come from the Japanese operator NTT Docomo , which has indicated that it expected at least three new phones Google Nexus later this year, and that does not preclude the occurrence of two more in early 2013. Moreover, this operator (which is the largest in the country Japan), has also indicated that apart from the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus , other manufacturers also have their chance. And, therefore, speaks of a LG Optimus and Sony Xperia Nexus Nexus . Will Google be able to convince these manufacturers to launch their terminals in parallel? It’s complicated, but if anyone can, that’s Google.

Be known be missing the last two companies , that could well be one of the major Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE . The latter could be HTC , not forget that the one who made the first Google Nexus.

If confirmed, this would be an interesting bet for Google, but you can make a problem of identification of product on the market. The fact is that, as detailed in celebration, seems a striking action.

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