Galaxy grade 2 to get flexible display

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The successor to the Galaxy score of Samsung to get a thinner and flexible display. The performance takes place in late August.

The Samsung smartphone Galaxy grade 2 but is now a flexible display received. Earlier rumors had zeroed in on a solid display. The flexible display increasing stability – the mark 2 is not so quick to break, they say. In addition, the thickness will be reduced by approximately 0.4 mmAnd the new rumor also the name of the display technology ready: UBP. Stands for Unbreakable tilt and describes a method in which a new plastic substrate is to be used. A flexible display is not necessarily to understand so that you can fold it and put it in your pocket. Rather, it seems – if you believe the rumors – was due to an improved resistance to be elected. Whether the user can even bend it and whether it brings an advantage that is another story. The Galaxy note is a hybrid between smartphones and Tablet PCs. The unusual display measures 5.3 inches and has a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixelsAlso note the Galaxy comes with an S-mentioned stylus pen, therefore, with which you can make handwritten notes. In Conclusion Test the device could convince a large extent, albeit with some limitations. The successor – the Samsung Galaxy Grade 2 – is now to be even bigger: The rumors are rumors of 5.5 inches. Instead of dual-core CPU (grade 1), it should also be a quad core chip. From the 8-MP camera is a 12 MP camera. There is no official statement, it still does not, but it is assumed that the Galaxy grade 2 with Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean comes on board. After all, is already the established date of the show: the 29thAugust , shortly before the start of the IFA in Berlin.

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