future if the “VISA”

If the forecasts of the sector, in 2020 half of the trade network will be done from the mobile. For now, online payments and account for 50% of Visa’s business. So you have to be tailored because, today, after a long time searching, comparing quality and prices, shipping options and other details , pay is an ordeal: you put your name, your last name, your address, your credit card number, a number of security …

And if the amount is large, expect the SMS confirmation of your bank and put the code. “It is very cumbersome, we wanted to simplify the process,” says London to Quo responsible for launching a new electronic payment via Visa, Mark Giffin . The multinational Olympics took payments to present V.me, and compete with the existing PayPal, and ahead of Google Wallet, which is already operating in the U.S.: “You check once in-service through your bank- and associate the cards you want.

Thereafter, simply give your email username and password in the virtual store “details. As you can record it all cards (up to 10, and even of other credit card companies), each time lets you choose how “plastic” pay. Of course, the commercial website should have implemented the system. Visa launches this virtual wallet this fall in Spain, tells Andrea Fiorentino, vice president of mobile payment in southern Visa Europe: “It is very safe. The store owner does not see the card of the buyer that process only sees the bank. ”

And as all these new online payment services, and there are applications for phones and tablets. But looming otherwise pay over the phone, albeit face. The telephone and credit card companies are cutting deals to make, just bring the phone to a special terminal ( contactless ), issue a radio frequency of payment. You only will need two elements: the mobile embedded lead a chip-or partition-to replace SIM cards and you have your application installed.

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